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What inspired this initiative?

Based on the values of entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and ingenuity upon which Sahara Group was established, we constantly strive to extend these values to all our stakeholders including the citizens of our host nations. We passionately believe in the power and influence that young people have to achieve transformative feats that will in turn fuel national development. This belief informed the Grooming Film Extrapreneurs Initiative which is now in its second season. This year, in accordance with our commitment to the attainment of the sustainable development goals, especially goals 4 and 5 (quality education and gender equality), we are empowering 90 girls in three African countries – Nigeria, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire – with the skill of film making. Through this, they will acquire the skill to enable them tell their stories and to create wealth while at it.

Who is an Extrapreneur?

An extrapreneur is an individual who not only chooses to apply her/his talents to her/his own organization, but also applies those talents externally to other organizations and then brings those experiences back internally.

What is the purpose and vision of this initiative?

The Grooming Film Extrapreneurs Season II is themed Empowering the Girl Child in Africa. The core design of the extrapreneurship concept is to provide a platform that finds, creates and connects young extrapreneurs in emerging markets through skills training, mentoring and access to a network of committed stakeholders. And that is exactly what this initiative will be providing for 90 girls in the three selected African countries.

In addition, we are empowering these young ladies who will be guided and mentored to create replicas of themselves for greater impact.

Ultimately, the goal is to give these girls who are mostly from underserved communities the power, skills and platform to tell their stories and make a living through film making.

Who is involved in this initiative and what role do they play?

For this season, we have partnered with DUSUSU Foundation, founded by the world’s youngest film maker to have shown her movie in a commercial cinema, Zuriel Oduwole. Zuriel is famous around the world for her advocacy for girls rights and education. She has interviewed over 24 presidents and world leaders. In alignment with the concept of extrapreneurship of connecting young people to achieve the extra ordinary, the 90 beneficiaries will undergo a 6 months mentorship program with Zuriel via the extrapreneurship platform – – where they will be guided on how to create global impact through film making.

What is the approach for this Season?

For season II, ninety girls between from age 13 to 19 have been identified in three African countries as beneficiaries. They were selected based on their interests in film making. Thirty girls will be trained in each of the countries. They are also mostly girls from humble backgrounds. They will be inspired and trained in the skill of film making by Zuriel Oduwole. The physical workshop training will take two days while the virtual mentorships/follow-up sessions will continue for six months after the training.

The trainees will be drafted into groups of five each and guided to create short docu-films based telling their stories.

In addition to the film making training, participants will also be trained in life skills in order to provide a balance.

At the end, young film-makers would emerge from the programme armed with the skills to create change and also make a living.

Who is eligible to participate?

Though beneficiaries were identified by Sahara Foundation partners in the different countries, the key criteria were that they be girls aged 13 to 19, be from underserved communities and have a desire to learn film making.

What happens after the Project?

For sustainability, beneficiaries of the project will be organized into groups where the will train other female teens with an interest in film making.  They will receive support and guidance from Sahara Foundation on how to go about it.

In addition, we will engage outstanding participants of the programme in other related Sahara Foundation projects.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

To get further information about this initiative, kindly send an email to